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2017-2018:    Budapest Art Mentor, mentoring program

2011-2014:    Budapest Metropolitan University, Graphic Art

2010-2011:    Werk Academy, Art coaching

2007-2008:    Szeged University of Science, Graphic Art
2005-2007:    Budapest University of Technology and Economics,

                        Consulting Engineer Training of Colourdinamic

2005-2006:    Buda Drawing School, Advertising Graphics course

2004-2007:    Buda Drawing School, Free-school course

1999-2004:    Budapest Corvinus University, Faculty of Landscape Architecture


2023      Similar Stories, The Space Contemporary Gallery, Budapest, HU

2022     Almárium, MANK Gallery, Szentendre, HU

              Memories to Preserve, Hungarian Consulate in Inncbruck, A

2021     House of Fevers, Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest, HU

              Duet with Birds, ENIHORN Showroom, Budapest, HU

2020      Art is my THERAPY, Zönotéka, Berlin, DE

2019      Bad Hair Years, Faur Zsofi Gallery, Budapest

2018      New Era, Faur Zsofi Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Art-Fizz, GravisArt Gallery, Nice, FR

2017      Precious Time, Feszek Gallery, Herman Hall, Budapest, HU

               Art-Fizz, Jankovich Kuria, Racalmas, HU

2016      Metaphrase, Art&Me Gallery, Budapest, HU

2013      Clouds and Boxes,  Tranzit Art Cafe, Budapest, HU

2011      One Box Art, Loffice Budapest, HU

               Green, Werk Academy, Budapest, HU

2010      Ágak-bogak, Villa Barabas, Budapest, HU

2009      Hilton Budapest, HU

               Colour reflexes, Winebar, Budapest, HU

               Faces and souls, Vismajor Literature Café, Budapest, HU

2008      Farger Café, Budapest, HU

               Spring in Tranzit, Tranzit Art Café, Budapest, HU


2024      Tender Forever, Képező Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Echoes Within, East Slovak Gallery, Kosice, SK

               Night Eyes, Liszt Institute Brussels, B

               Code + Canvas, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Berlin, DE

2023      Everybody was a child once, The Space Contemporary Gallery Budapest, HU

               Uninterrupted Mom, Mank Gallery, Szentendre, HU

               69th Autumn Exhibition, Alföldi Gallery, Hódmezővásárhely, HU

               Minipaintings, Vízivárosi Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Solitude that creates Peace, Mank Gallery, Szentendre, HU

               XLII. Summer Exhibition, Reök palace, Szeged, HU
               Innovation in Contemporary Fine Art, Vasarely Museum Budapest, HU
               Tendences, Society of Hungarian Painters exhibition, REÖK Palace, szeged, HU

               Liquid Slices of Time, Dubniczay Palace, Veszprém, HU

               Abstraction is Freedom, 193 Gallery, Paris, FR

2022      Behind the Space, The Space galéria, Budapest, HU

               Kimozdulás, Három Hét galéria, Budapest, HU

2022      68th. Autumn Exhibition, in Hódmezővásárhely, HU

               Miniartworks, Vízivárosi Gallery, Budapest, HU

               My obvious Presence, Deák Erika Gallery, Budapest, HU

2021      Otthonról haza’,Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest, HU

               20 Years, 20 Stories, 20 Artists, Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Beautiful Connections, Világszép Foundation, Budapest, HU

               XLI. Summer Exhibition, Reök palace, Szeged, HU

               Miszla Art 10, Szép Három Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Door, Window, FUGA, Budapest, HU

               Last Words, Deák 17 Gallery, Budapest, HU

2020      1 Artist 1 Designer, Faur Zsófi Gallerya, Budapest, HU

               New works, New Faces, B32 Gallery, Budapest, HU

2019      Concrete Space 2., Harom Het Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

               XL. Summer Exhibition, Reök Palace, Szeged, HU

               Space Perceptions, Hybridart Space, Budapest, HU

               Bauhaus 100, Vasarely Museum, Budapest

2018      Red Dot Miami, Hungary Emerging booth, Miami, USA

               Deux Generations, Aller Simple Gallery, Paris, FR

               Hungary Emerging exhibition, Lincoln Center, New York, USA

               Heterotopia, Gregersen Art Point, Budapest, HU

               SHIFT, Zönotéka, Berlin, DE

               Hungary Emerging Exhibition, Hungarian Consulate, New York, USA

               Two Generations, Abigail Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Everyday (Super)Heroes, Deak 17 Youth Art Gallery, Budapest, HU

2017      Jovoltabol, Feszek Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Found Geometry, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, HU

               XIII. Balaton Biennale, Balatonalmadi, HU

               Premio Combat Prize, Museo Civico G. Fattori, Livorno, IT

               Summer Exhibition, REÖK Palace, Szeged

2016      Premio Lynx International Art Prize and Exhibition, Trieste, IT

               1 Artist 1 Poet, Panel Contemporary, Budapest, HU

               Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, GB

               The Line, Latarka Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Bartok 135, Deak 17 Youth Art Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Barcsay award, Barcsay Jenő Museum, Szentendre, HU

2015      Maschienenmensch, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj Napoca, RO

               Prophets / False Prophets, Panel Contemporary, Faur Zsofi Gallery, Budapest, HU

               MFT 20, 20th Anniversary exhibition by Society of Hungarian Painters,

               Szepharom Gallery,  Budapest, HU

               XII. Balaton Biennale, Balatonalmadi, HU

               Who Art You? 4, exhibition and contest in Milan, IT

               Machienenmensch, Deak 17 Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Arte Laguna Prize and Exhibition, Venice, IT

2014      Analysis, thesis exhibition of The BKF Academy, B32 Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Summer Exhibition, The Royal Academy of Arts, London, GB

               Ground-scouting, Szatyor Gallery, Budapest, HU

               Necromonicon, Latarka Gallery, Budapest, HU

2013      Balaton Exhibition, Balatonalmadi, HU

               V. International Artist-Book Exhibition, Szekesfehervar, HU

2011      Europe-Hungary-Balaton International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Balatonfuzfo, HU

2010      Gallery Jankay, Bekescsaba, HU

               Artcamp in Ozd, Museum of Ozd, Ozd, HU

2008      You Women placard at 9th ARC Placard Exhibition, Budapest, HU


2023      Budapest Contemporary, The Space Contemporary Gallery booth, Budapest

               Art & Antique Art Fair, The Space Contemporary Gallery booth, Budapest

2022      Art Market Budapest, Magyar Műhely Gallery and  Mank Gallery booth

               Art&Antique Art Fair, Faur Zsófi Gallery booth, Budapest

2021      Art&Antique Art Fair, Faur Zsófi Gallery booth, Budapest

2020      Art&Antique Art Fair, Faur Zsófi Gallery booth, Budapest

2019      Art & Antique Art fair, Faur Zsófi Gallery booth, Budapest

               Art Innsbruck, Faur Zsófi Gallery booth, Innsbruck

2018      Red Dot Miami, Hungary Emerging booth, Miami, USA

               Art Market Budapest, Budapest Art Mentor

               and Hungary Emerging booth, Budapest, HU

               Art Expo New York, Hungary Emerging booth, New York, USA

2015      Art Market Budapest, Brody Art Yard booth, Budapest, HU


2023      Nominated at the AICA Hungary Award

               Finalist at the Esterhazy Art Dating compteition

2022      Price of the MANK, at Miniartworks exhibition, Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest

               MMA scholarship

               Kassák Conetmporary Art Award, finalist, Kassák Museum, Budapest

2021      Award of the Association of Hungarian Artists on the ’Door, Window’ exhibition, FUGA, 

2019      Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

2018      Highlights of Hungary nomination

               Hungary Emerging contest winner

2015      Barcsay Jeno Award

               Prize of Tihany municipality at the 12th Balaton Biennale

               National Scientific Students’ Association Conference, category: Installation, 2. place


From 2015      Association of Hungarian Artists

                         Hungarian Artist’s Book Association

                         Mensa Hungariqa 

From 2014      Society of Hungarian Painters

                         Cultural Eleven Association

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