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Preciosu Time series, Explorers exhibition 2018

As an artist, I have the fortune to look at the world with a child’s playfulness and openness. Creation completely interweaves my life, I can create art everywhere and anytime, even in my mind.

I am not only “playing” with art, but I use it as a self-therapy device at the same time. I discovered Anna Freud’s theory on response mechanisms in 2014, during making my diploma thesis („Private Altars, Private Trophies”, Budapest Metropolitan University). This helped me to face honestly and visualize my demons with mask installations.


Although my formal language has reduced since then,  the recognition that the artistic work is a hard inner work also, helps me a lot these days. Based on this, my artworks speak about my everyday life, my good moments which I want to save, and about the hard moments which I must work with.


I let the stories, sights, feelings, thoughts through my filters, rewrite or abstract them with my own geometric and colorful language, so they can be reborn as a painting, a shaped canvas, or an object. Besides this I like to shift between 2 and 3 dimensions, maneuvering on the border of them, with some perspective and trompe l’oeil effects which deceives the eyes, makes the brain work.

Photo: Orsolya Egressy

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