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Part of the curatorial text for the BAD HAIR YEARS exhibition

You can find the whole text here.

Judit Horváth Lóczi regards herself neither feminist, nor a women artist. She rather believes in the principles of ars poetics of Louise Nevelson, one her masters, who said, “I am not a feminist. I’m artist who happens to be a woman”. Still Judit Horváth Lóczi is a women artist in certain sense: for years her topics derive from situations connected to women roles, such upsetting events and happenings that direct and influence her life. Her art is such a medium by means of which she is able to express changes that happen in herself, special features of different life situations, problems. In her present exhibition titled BAD HAIR YEARS we are exhibiting art pieces that are related to one of the most important women roles: maternity, these touch upon questions that are the most decisive ones in the artist’s actual period of life.

the curator of the exhibition is Melinda Mártonffy, art historian

translation: Marianna Joó

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