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Zönotéka, Berlin, 2021

"It is not a new concept that arts have great impact upon people’s soul and senses, what’s more, arts have healing power. Even Aristotle could watch it that spectators experience catharsis – a kind of revelation – induced by watching the play and it eases tension during the theatre performance. Not only a theatrical performance can enhance catharsis but a modern art piece can bring it about, as it is used in art theraphy for healing purposes." 

Curator of the exhibition is Melinda Mártonffy

Here you can read the whole cuartorial text: Text.

After postponing my solo show in Berlin in March 2020, we decided to open it at the end of September whatever happens.

I couldn't travel to Berlin there (because of the strictly regulations in pandemic), but Mate Feles, the leader of the Zönotéka, and Enikő Márton, a great Berlin-based painter helped me to make an amazing installation. 

We had two big windows, like two white boxes, and a fantastic video work. Let me show you some photos about ist.


This video work was made by Gábor Márián, with the music from Lőrinc Barabás, based on the artworks of Judit Horváth Lóczi (Hommage á Vera Molnar) to the exhibition of Art is my THERAPY.

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