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The Space Budapest Gallery, Budapest,2023

Similar Stories is a long-term and process-based art project that aims to map the lifelong journey of motherhood, full of doubts, doubts and questions, to respond to this complex topic, which is also emphasized on the international scene, through art and to initiate a broader social dialogue.

In the first exhibition of their joint work, Andrea Fajgerné Dudás and Judit Horváth Lóczi defined seven concepts that were drawn from their own experience but are of general validity (Constant remorse / Nothing really matters! / Exhaustion, my old friend! Come and hug me! / Lack of motherhood empathy / If I were a boy / Mental load, proliferating brain / Lost privacy), which are about the important problems and unspoken aspects of their experienced maternal identity and concerns, parenting roles and the question of the compatibility of artistic practice and career, as well as the characteristics of "mothering": without taboos and clichés, deeply psychologizing, self-reflexive and intimate, but with a radically different stylistic language.


                                                                                                                                                                Noémi Szabó curator

Exhibition place: The Space Gallery, Budapest

Exhibition period: 15 02 - 24 03 2023

More infos: Similar Stories

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