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Our album is avaliable now

Our beautiful album is avaliable online at the Artem/Books webpage.

You can find and buy it offline a well, in the awesome ISBN Books+Gallery.

This is the best gift for artlovers: Limited edition (only 300pieces), 6 poems, 6 removable artprints.

Art is Business Award Ceremony
Mohai Balázs fotó.jpg

It was my honour to take part with my paintings in the Art is Business Award Ceremony.

Many thanks for Linda Bérczi, Máté Balogh and Art is Business magazine.

Photo was made by Balázs Mohai.


I'm so thankful about the invitation, it was nice to have this conversation about the apparent simplicity of the contemporary fine art. Here you can listen the podcast episode : L20 podcast.

Book presentation

The next great news are, that we can finally show our beautiful album about the Quarantine series. It was a great plesure to work together with Melinda Mártonffy editor and publisher (Artem/Books), and Gábor Márián graphic designer (website), to bring this dream of mine to life.

Join us at the book presentation offline in Budapest, or online here: facebook event.

The best opening ever

I think I had the best opening ever with Szabó T. Anna, who is a great writer and poet.

It was a real total art performance. I'm so grateful.

You can check it here: opening performance.

Solo show

I'm so glad to reveal the details of my solo show, which will be held at the Faur Zsófi Gallery, from 29-11-2021 till the beginning of January 2022.

Some informations about the online opening: facebook event.

We are inviting you and your beloved partner to the exhibition by Judit Horváth Lóczi which has the title “Lázak háza”.

You can watch the opening of the exhibition on the 29th November at 7 pm online.

You can visit the exhibition between the 30th November and 23rd December during the opening hours of the gallery.

The artist has reworked her paper cuts into large sized paintings recently. These paper cuts were made during the first wave of the pandemy and she has made more than 40 pieces of them. The origo of the exhibition “Quarantine Series” can be interpreted as a visual diary which not only express the negative emotions of this recent period, but also showing those thoughts that giving us strength in a difficult situation.

During the exhibition you can not only see the selected artworks, but also have the chance to enjoy the writings of Lili Farkas-Zentai, Ferenc Kapui, Gábor Márián, Julianna Imola Szabó and Anna Szabó T. Literature is shading and enriching the opportunities where connections can be found which is an extremely honoured aspect nowadays.

The event is going to be opened by Anna Szabó T. which will be streamed live.

The curator of the event is Csenge Lantos.

If you would like to visit the exhibition personally, you have to show us your vaccination card due to safety reasons.

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday

12.00 - 18.00

Press release

We are so happy to show some nice articles about the Duet with Birds exhibition:

Jankó Judit: Világgazdaság

Farkas-Zentai Lili:

Pongrácz Dóra:

In the first Hungarian Glamour Book

I'm glad to show you, that my studio was one of the artistic backgrounds of the very first Hungarian Glamour Book. Yu can check a short video about the shooting here.

Article in the Artmagazin
artmagazin_130_8_lepoldzsa4 copy.jpg

Art release at the newest Artmagazin. Wow! I'm so happy about it.

You can check the hole article here.

Duet with Birds

I'm so excited to reveal our project with my supertalented friend, Enikő Horn, who is the designer of the ENIHORN brand.  We were inspired by the different forms, colors and shapes of birds, and we made a total art exhibition and event for you. Join us from th 9th of October till the 10th of November at the ENIHORN Showwroom.

Our exhibition is an official program of the Budapest Design Week 2021.

For more informations please check our facebook event.

One of the lovliest projects of the year

I'm so happy to reveal this project, what I'm so lucky to be in. For more informations, please check the website of the Foundation: Világszép Alapítvány.

Group exhibiton in the Faur Zsófi Gallery

A new great group exhibition will open on th 9th of September at the Faur Zsófi Gallery. It's my honour to be apart. Come and check it!

Artgarden in Szentendre

Come and visit the 'Artkert' (Artgarden) event in Szentendre, between 27-29 September. We will have workshops, open studios, concerts and more in the beautiful garden of the Old Artcolony in Szentendre. More infos: event.

Artist talk

Artist talk on the 27th of August, in Szentendre about the Art coloies. Can't wait to talk with my master, József Baksai. More information: facebook event.

New magazin, new interview

The amazing Tünde Sipos (Art historian) made an interview with mefor a brand new cultural magazine. Here you can check the online version: interview.

Art&Antique art fair

You can check my newest pieces at the Art&Antique art fair in Budapest (9-13 06 2021), at the Várkert Bazár, on the both of Faur Zsófi Gallery. 

I also will have an artist talk with Csenge Lantos (artist and gallery manager) on the 11th of June, at 4pm.

Come an visit us! More info: event.


I was invited to the Heti Kortárs, an interview series created by György Gajzágó.

Here you can check the interview: Heti Kortárs.

Miszla Art 10-exhibition
Miszla-Art-10-meghivo-A (1).jpg

Our group exhibition, which celebrates the 10 years anniversary of MiszlaArt camp is now open at the Széphárom Gallery, in Budapest., till 2-07-2021.

More infos: event.

Door, window - exhibition

The group exhibition of the Society of Hungarian Painters will be organized at the FUGA center.

I'm happy to take part. More info: here.

Artist's portrets

A wonderful exhibition is avaliable at Műcsarnok (Budapest) full with portrets of artists.

It was my honour to be photographed by the talented Évi Fábián.

More info: Műcsarnok website.

Last words - group exhibition
D17-meghivo-Last-Words-2021-A web.jpg

My first group exhibition in the new and hopefully happy year opens on th 5th of February., at the Deak 17 Gallery, in Budapest. The opening will be online, so all of us could see it:

Last Words Opening

About making a piece of art

Tünde Sipos, the amazing curator questioned me about the method of making an artwork. Check out my latest interview here: interview.

Advent in the Showroom

I'm happy to be invited to this nice showroom event. We are open in every advent weekend. My lovely company is: ENI HORN-bags and clothes, Marta Edőcs-jewels, Daniella Koós-jewels and furniture, Réka Tóth-Vásárhelyi - Kokeshi figures and books.

Here you can find all the informations abot the weekends: event.

1 Artist 1 Designer

When fine artists working togehter with designers, and they inflouence and inspire each other. One of the most interesting exhibitions of the year. Check it out: event.

Residet Art Fair

In this year the Resident Art Fair will be organized again. You can find one of my favourite artworks also there. Check the event: facebook event.

"Lássátok, lássátok" group exhibition

I'm also an exhibitor at this sparkling festive online group exhibition. You can find more informations here: Facebook event.

Video work

I'm so proud, that we have a video also for the Art is my THERAPY exhibition. Thanks for Gábor Márián, who did it brilliantly, and many thanks to Lőrinc Barabás for the great music. See it, check it, watch it: Art is my THERAPY animation.

English and in Hungarian poscasts

We had a conversation in English and also in Hungarian about the difficulties around opening the Art is my THERAPY exhibition, and about the aims of it, which are more valid than ever before. Please wellcome the Hungarian one, where we talked with Judit Jankó and Melinda Mártonffy: Hungarian Podcast.

And here you have the English podcast with Zsuzsa Csilla Krémer and Gábor Márián: English podcast.

Group exhibition in Szentendre

I'm part of the group exhibition of the artists of the Old Artcolony in Szentendre. Nice and airy exhibition of the 9 artists.

Amazing new studio

Thanks to my successful application, I have a beautiful studio for long term at the Old Artcolony in Szentendre. Can't wait to work there.


I'm so happy to announce that my first art-video collaboration is ready. It belongs to the Art is my THERAPY exhibition, and the full time video will be shown at the opening in Berlin (25th of September, 7pm). Now you can check the teaser above.

Many thanks to Gábor Márián for the creation, and to Lőrinc Barabás for the great music (Amo, Algorhtyhms album). 

Solo show in Berlin

Big-big news for me, that after postponing my solo show in March, finally it will happen. We will install a window-exhibition in the Zönotéka, which will be open on the 25th of September, at 7pm. Althought the exhibition place will be smaller and we can exhibit less artworks as we planned, but a new video artwork will be also presented, which was created during the lockdown period. The video was made by Gábor Márián, and we use the unique music of Lőrinc Barabás, which is just as important as the visual part of it. We will organize every online appearance possibilities what we can for the online visitors. Please stay tuned, and check the latest news in facebook: Art is my THERAPY event. 

ujratervezes acebook borito 2020augusztu

I'm happy to invite all of you to our exhibition and art fair, which will be presented in the Enihorn showroom in Budapest, from the middle of august. Fore more information, please read the invitation text, or check the facebook event

My artworks at Resident Art Garten

It is my honour to have my artworks at the exhibition and art fair of the one month long art-jam, called Garten in Lovas (at the lake Balaton). Events and cataloge: Residnet Art Garten.

My works at Káli Cool during the Summer

I'm happy to inform you, that my smaller artworks will be avaliable during the summer in Káptalantóti (at the lake Balaton) in the pop-up spot of the Faur Zsófi Gallery, in the Káli Cool. More about the place and the events: Káli Cool.

Short video about the Quarantine series

We had a nice online festival with Bartok Bela Boulevard in May, and among other artists, I made a video too. Here you can check it out.

Budapest Art Mentor interview

Many thanks for the Budapest Art Mentor programe for the nice interview.

Here you can see and reas it: Interview.

Interview on the NOWUDAPEST blog

An other interview with me on a really nice blog. We spoke about the difficulties, changes and new possibilities in the lockdown. This time in English.

Check it, and give me some feedback: NOWUDAPEST interview.

Interview with the Budapest Art Week team

Although Budapest Art Week has been postoned from April to October this year, the organizers still working on online articles and other activities for the artlovers.  In the newest interview they asked me. You can read about my quarantine series and other solutions and opportinuies for these hard days in the lockdown. Check out the text here.

Interview in the Balkon art magazine

I'm happy to tell you, that a long interview with me, made by the great journalist, Attila Sirbik, is avaliable now in print. You can find it in the newest issue of the well-known hungarian art magazine, called Balkon.

Here you can read the scanned interview: Balkon interview.

Exhibition opening postponed

We regret to inform you, that the opening would be postponed to the end of May. But we will make a smaller window-exhibition (as a sneak peek of the whole exhibition), and workshops for you. Further information will shortly follow, stay tuned!  For more info:,

Next solo show in Berlin
THERAPY_invitation card_HLJ_2020.jpg
My dream come true with this solo exhibition in Berlin. We will have more events (vernissge, workshops, artist talks, finissage), so stay tuned, and check out the facebook events here. To know more about the philosophy of the exhibition, read the curatorial text here.
Online interview at Fidelio
The online and enlarged version of the interview is now readable on the website of fidelio. You can check it out here.
Art Fair in Budapest
I'm happy to announce, that my works are exhibit at the Art & Antique Art Fair in Budapest.
Panel discussion deditaced to St Brigid
It was a great honor for me, to be apart of a panel discussion about the Role of Women in Modern Society, at the 31th of January. This panel was the main program of the St Brigid's Day at the Embassy of Ireland in Hungary, which was organized in our country for first time. I was there to represent the creativ scene, and to talk about the positions of the women artists now. I met with brilliant women there, and heared precious thoughts. Mayr Murphy, one of the panelists, wrote a nice and thorough summary about the discussion. Here you can read it on her blogsite: Unpacking my Bottom Drawer.
Interview in the fidelio magazine
I'm so happy to have this interview in the printed version of fidelio, which is one of the bests cultural magazine online and offline in Budapest. The online version will be avaliable soon but till that you can check the printed version on here.
Nice and short new video
The colleagues and volunteers of the Faur Zsofi Gallery made a nice video in my studio with me. Special thanks for Anna Ugrai, Anna Szohr, Levente Molnar and Csenge Lantos. Have a look at it: video
On air about BAD HAIR YEARS
Tünde Sipos speaks about and recommends my "Bad Hair Years" exhibition. Thanks for the nice words. You can check it out here: Klasszik Rádió
Interview on the
We talked about the pained, exhaustive but beautiful experiences about parenthood with the lovely Tünde Sipos.
You can read the interview here: kortarsonline.
Interview with me in the prestigious art magazine
I'm so glad to show you the newest interview with me in the prestigious Hungarian art magazine, Új Művészet. The interview was written by Judit Jankó. Thanks for it. Here you can find the pdf to read the article.
Artist talk
Looking forward to see everybody who would like to see the exhibition or have some quetions to the Curator (Melinda Mártonffy), to the Poet (Imola Julianna Szabó), to the Gallerist (Zsófi Faur) or to the Artist (me). Come and drink a hot wine with us, see some nice paintings and read some beautiful poems. Perfect event if you want to slaw down before X-mas. More infos here.
BAD HAIR YEARS -solo show
hlj_bad hair years_meghívó.jpg
I'm so excited to tell you about my new solo show, which will open on the 27th of November, in the prestigious Faur Zsofi Gallery. Looking forward to see you there. More informations here.
Resident Christmas Art Fair
I'm so happy to be apart of this art fair. You can find three of my artworks in the cataloge here. More info about the art fair here.
Feast - group exhibition
I was invited to this nice group show, organized by the Society of Hungarian Painters. More info here.
Concrete Space II.- group exhibition
- Invitation - Concrete Space 2 -j.jpg
I'm so proud to be invited to this fantastic group show. Further informations here.
Around Geometry
This wonderful group show about the diversity of geometrical art, organized by the Society of Hungarian Painters will be visitable from today. More info here.
The 66th Fall Exhibition at Vásárhely
I'm happy to inform you, that my artwork ('Under Weight') was choosen to exhibit at the prestigious annual exhibition, Fall Exhibition at Vásárhely. More infos here.
Auction in London
I'm proud to say, that one of my favourite artworks will be part of the Dobossy Auction on the 3th of October, in London. Further information about the auction is here.  You can see the catalogue filled with great artist and artworks here.
Radio interview
We were on air with Linda Bérczi in the Trend Fm on 4-09-2019. Thanks for the nice 
conversation Kata Gereben. You can listen the podcast here.
Art release
I was asked among other artists by Tünde Sipos about my debut in London, at the Summer Exhibition. You can read the short interviews here, in the
Interview on the ArtConscios
It was my plesure to answer to these particular but smart quetions.
Check the newest interview with me on the ArtConscious website here.
Resident Art Garten
My works will be avaliable at this fantastic summer-jam. Check out the website for the various programs here.
On the radio - interview
We had indeed an inspiring discussion about conetmporary art and online platforms at the Tilos Radio with Luca Jakab (the founder of the ArtConscious) and Zsuzsanna Farkas (Constructed Reality). You can check it out here.
Space perceptions - press release
The opening speach of the magnificent Andrea Bordács art historian is published at the Új Művészet online. Check it here.
About black - group exhibition
My artwork 'Hommage á Louise Nevelson II.' was selected for the great group exhibition titled 'A Feketéről' (About Black), at the Első Magyar Látványtár, in Diszel.
You can find more informations: here
Balaton Tárlat - group exhibition
Balaton Tárlat Meghívó.jpg
My artworks (Without title series) are exhibited at the XV. Balaton Tárlat which is a biennale in Hungary, organized in Balatonalmádi. On view till 12 July 2019.
Summer Exhibition 2019, London
I'm so happy to inform you, that my artwork is selected for this year's Summer Exhibition at the Royal academy of Arts in London. You can visit the exhibition from 10 June to 12 August.
More informations about the exhibition: here.
More information about the room, where my artwork is installed together with the works from Paul Huxley: here.
ZiggY Art Fair
I was invited to this nice and fresh art fair with two artworks.
More details about the art fair: 
facebook event
space perceptions_meghívó_jav22.jpg
You are warmly invited to our next exhibition.
Artists: Daniel Bernáth, Enikő Márton, Judit Horváth Lóczi
Curator: Melinda Mártonffy
Vernissage: 16 May 2019, 19h
Open speach: Andrea Bordács
Place: Galamb utca 6, Budapest, H-1052
Facebook event
Pollock-Krasner Grant
I'm more than happy to announce that I'm one of the winners of the Pollock-Krarsner Foundation's Grant in 2019. For more informations, please read the press release of the Foundation, or look at the article on the Artnews.
Open Studio at my atelier
During the Budapest Art Week, you can visit my studio on 14-04-2019, 10-12am. Warmly wellcome.
Budapest Art Week is coming
The next Budapest Art Week will be held on 9-14 April 2019. I'm very pleased to tell you, that my artwork is on the cover of the magazine (from the Maslow series, photo by Jacint Halász), and you can read an interview with Attila Mata sculptor and me, written by Judit Jankó.
Search and grab it at the participating places. For more informations look at the website:
Antik & Art fair and exhibition
I'm proud to say that I'm exhibited at the Antik & Art fair in Budapest. You can find my works at the booth of Faur Zsófi Gallery. 
Bauhaus 100 - group exhibition in the Vasarely Museum
meghívó - BAUHAUS 100.jpeg
Interview on the Absolute Budapest Blog
You can read the short interview HERE.
Highlights of Hungary Nomination 
Highlights of Hungary is the first and only creative collection that selects its nominees on a professional basis but without the boundaries of categories. The curatorial team consists of 10 qualified professionals representing different fields of the creative industry. They are searching for values marking the most exciting and inspirational projects of the current year.
I'm so proud to tell you that in 2018 I'm one of the 55 Highlights. You can vote for your favourites on the website, till 28th of January. Please vote!
Group exhibition with NeighbourART
About NeighbourART blog and group:
Hungarian artists' thoughts about life, their memories and their creations. Same questions, different answers. Get to know these talented people who live among us. One desk - their desk that is a part of their everyday life can tell a lot...
Exhibitiors: Zsófi Barabás, Szilvia Bolla, Mátyás Czanik, Balázs Csizik, Ferenc Forrai, Aniko Herbert, Judit Horváth Lóczi, Keresztesi Botond, Reka Koti, Lehel Kovacs, Dani Labrosse, Lilla Liszkay, Máté Mile, Lilla Pajer, Milán Rácmolnár, Balázs Solti, Éva Szakál, Zsófia Szemző, Szigeti G Csongor, Zsolt Vidak, András Vizi
The Two Generations exhibition in Paris
Group exhibition in Paris

Place: Galerie ALLER SIMPLE
Organized by the Abigail Gallery

Address: Grand Paris / Longjumeau-Champlan

Date: 2018. nov. 23 - dec. 23.

Exhibitors: Barna Benedek, Tibor CSIKY, Fajó János, Rose FEJTŐ, Judit Horváth Lóczi, Gábor HERITESZ, Katalin HETEY, Tamás KONOK, Ferenc LANTOS, Bence MarafkóVéra MolnarNagámi Nagy, Judith NEM'S, Antal NEMCSICS, Zsigmond H. SERÉNYI, András Wolsk

SHIFT exhibition in Berlin


Sanctum #3 - panel discussion 

Total art panel discussion on the 20th of May, in Szentendre, with the great Anna Szabó T., Konkoi music, and Anna Juhász. I'm so glad to be part of it!

More infos about: here.

Women Made pop-up exhibition
Műtágyak Éjszakája 2023jo.jpg

Pop-up group exhibition with great designers at the KO seven Studio, from 18 to 20 May.

More infos: here.

Tendences - group exhibition
reok_magyar-festok-tarsasaga_email_meghivo_600_reok-turkiz (1).jpg

Check it out this group exhibition of the Association of Hungarian Painters' in the beautiful REÖK palace!

More info: here.

Innovation in Drawingand Printmaking Art - group exhibition
Meghívó külső.JPG
Meghívó belső.JPG

It's my honour to be a part of this great group exhibition. Warmly welcome!

Liquid Slices of Time group exhibition